Goodfellows Appreciation Dinner

Cancellation of Paper Sales 2020

Dear Goodfellows,

It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the cancellation of this year’s paper sale, photo shoot and kick-off luncheon. This is not a decision we have taken lightly, but we have come up with solutions to help offset our significant shortfall in annual paper sale revenue. Unfortunately, Covid 19 has made it impossible for us to operate as usual.

We still will ensure that “No Child Without a Christmas” continues, we are just changing the process to a safer option. Instead of packaging toys and gifts, this year we will be delivering gift cards for all of the children we help support.

We know that this comes as an enormous disappointment to those who have always come out and supported the Goodfellows. However, right now the most important thing all of us can do is to focus our attention on staying healthy. We also ask all of you to do even more this year to help support the Goodfellows.

We will be having a virtual paper on our Dearborn Goodfellow website. This site will also have links to donate on multiple platforms. Please reach out to your friends, family, co-workers and business owners and ask them to donate online or by sending a check. With everyone’s help and all of the Goodfellows volunteers we will be able to provide Christmas cheer to over 500 families and more than 1000 children. 

Let’s do our best to show, that despite a pandemic, we can still come together as a community to support the children that depend on us. 

Thank you again for your commitment to the Goodfellows. It is because of you that we can help so many children and families in need during Christmas time. 

George T. Darany – President