No Child Without a Christmas…

Since 1923 the community’s level of kindness has known no bounds.

The Dearborn Goodfellows is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization and our motto is No Child Without a Christmas. What exactly does that mean? Well, most people think of the Goodfellows as helping out children that are less fortunate during the holiday season by providing gifts. That is just one part of who we are. The Goodfellows provides year-round assistance to children in need, whether it be for school supplies, unforeseen situational emergencies, scholarships, anything that we can provide to ensure our children are taken care of.

Smoke on the Grill 2023

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We are happy to accept volunteers at any of our year-round events. If you are interested in helping at any of our events simply click on the calendar and our events as well as instructions for volunteers are listed.

Goodfellows c/o
Park Place Catering 23400 Park St, Dearborn 48124

Or to donate online please visit our donations page.

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If you or you know children that are in need of assistance with gifts at Christmas time please contact the main office of your child’s school (or the school in which they would attend).