2023 · Smoke on the Grill

Smoke on the Grill 2023

It’s the event of the season and anyone who is anyone will be there to support the children of Dearborn. In celebration with our 100 year anniversary (how cool are we?) this party is going to wake the neighbors … politely… until the noise ordinance takes effect.

We are going big, my friends: dinner, bounce house, clowns, door prizes, Tin Can Raffle (which always exceeds expectations on how generous our amazing community can be), Fifty Amp Fuse, to name a few… and the piéce de résistance is a new full furnace or A/C package courtesy of Mechanical Heating and Cooling.

So grab your closest Goodfellows Board of Directors member and purchase your Furnace Raffle tickets ($5 each) and/or click here and purchase your tickets to the event, $30 adults/$10 children 16 and under for event.

We cannot wait to see you there!

– Goodfellows

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