Support Those That Support Goodfellows

There are countless businesses around the city of Dearborn that support the Goodfellows in many ways; these are some of the monthly specials that they are running.

The Custard Co has created a Goodfellow Flurry which consists of: the ever delicious Sugar Cookie, mixed with some scrumptious frozen custard, and topped with some must have sprinkles, because in a charity supporting children, sprinkles are fundamental.

December 23rd-30th

Dairy Queen at 4600 Greenfield (just north of Michigan Ave) is offering $10 of each cake sale and $1 of each Blizzard sale to be donated to the Goodfellows.

Goodfellows like ice cream, very much.

Westborn Car Wash is generously donating $1 of every car wash throughout the month of December.

This, folks, is a necessity, get that lovely winter salt off of your car so you can keep looking snazzy in these dreary months to come.

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